Hi, Sherwin here.

I'm a full-stack software developer specializing in modern front-end software engineering.

I'm particularly interested in web standards, modern JS, semantic markup, browser APIs, web performance, web accessibility and cyber security.

I'm passionate about computer science and computer engineering.

Please feel free to me.


For work inquiry, question or anything else, you can use the contact form below.


Incase you are interested in the projects I've worked on, here is a non-exhaustive list in alphabetical order.

Visit project AquadeepNL AquadeepNL

Home of articles about freshwater aquarium tropical fish. A deep dive on some of the freshwater fish species that I have cared for between the year 1999 till present.

Visit project BallsBalls BallsBalls

A basic game framework by utilizing web programming languages and web API's. BallsBalls is created on top of this game framework.

Visit project BMI Calculator BMI Calculator

BMI calculator is a tool for calculating the Body Mass Index value of adults that are 20 years old or older. This application follows the World Health Organization (Europe) BMI guidelines.

Visit project Computer Geek Quiz< Computer Geek Quiz

Computer Geek Quiz, are you a computer geek? Test your general computer knowledge.

Visit project Defence of the Core Defence of the Core

DotC is a Xonotic's version of MOBA. This TC runs on the following operating systems: Linux, FreeBSD, Microsoft Windows and macOS.

Visit project DragonBite Software DragonBite Software

An independent video game software development studio. DragonBite Software mainly develops video games on the PC platform (Microsoft Windows, GNU/Linux and macOS).

Visit project Frostbite Frostbite

A class based multiplayer shooter game. Introducing Emily the heavy, Ben the soldier, Chip the sniper and Jack the doctor, together they are Frostbite.

Visit project Fun with Numbers Fun with Numbers

An application that lets you playfully solve simple mathematical problems.

Visit project GitHub Search GitHub Search

An user finder application which lets you easily search for all the GitHub users.

Visit project Guess the Number Guess the Number

Guess the secret number. Featuring Alan Turing as your host.

Visit project Image to Data URI converter Image to Data URI converter

This easy to use tool converts your images to data-URI i.e it creates data-URI from provided image(s) by encoding your images to base64.

Visit project Kiwi contact manager Kiwi contact manager

A contact manager application (indexedDB). This CRUD application is fully client side.

Visit project Mindful Notes Mindful Notes

A simple task list application. You can add, remove and filter your tasks.

Visit project MoN MoN

A group of international gamers, programmers, artists, developers and designers that enjoys playing and creating games. MoN was created on September 2005.

Visit project Mr. Robot Mr. Robot

Mr. Robot with graphical user interface. Interact with Mr. Robot and customize him to your own preferences. Your settings will be saved locally and you can output your creation as an image that is generated in real time at each request.

Visit project My Weather My Weather

With My Weather application you can check the actual weather condition for your current location and you can also select other locations world wide.

Visit project Neptuny audio equalizer Neptuny audio equalizer

A custom audio/video player with an equalizer, real time visualization of frequencies and waveforms, volume control, stereo panner, compressor and custom controls. Fully client side.

Visit project OinkMaster Player OinkMaster Player

An advanced, interactive, custom video player with dynamic transcript, chapter menu, track status feature and more.

Visit project Oink Player Oink Player

An interactive custom video player with playlist.

Visit project Overkill Overkill

An ultra fast-paced first-person shooter that runs on the following operating systems: Linux, FreeBSD, Microsoft Windows and macOS.

Visit project Pink Frog Pink Frog

An interactive and responsive album browser for the web.

Visit project Prime Numbers Calculator Prime Numbers Calculator

A prime numbers calculator. The Prime Number Calculator will calculate all the prime numbers within the provided limit.

Visit project Random number generator Random number generator

An application that randomly generates whole numbers, between two given parameters.

Visit project Sherwin Pirs Sherwin Pirs

Home base for some of my projects. Current domain name (2019-present), previous domain name (2007-2019), older iterations (1999-2007).

Visit project Slugify slug generator Slugify slug generator

An online url slug generator. This tool turns an ordinary string into a spinal-case string.

Visit project SPwebdesign SPwebdesign

A web design and web development studio.

Please keep in touch for new projects and updates.